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Horse diet, Horse hemp, Natural horse health -

We recommend to start with a sample pack or small package (250ml oil or 5kg feed) to see if your horse responds then to buy in bulk to save. We have endeavored to make affordable pricing so good, given the benefits you can’t afford not to feed hemp to your horse ! How long does each package last 1 horse ? Each package has been carefully designed to offer an affordable entry price to see the results of our hemp range for your horse. Vital Equine Hemp Sample pack Lasts 1 horse approximately 1 week 250ml Hemp Seed Oil (16...


Hemp Hurd -

What is hemp hurd used for ? High Absorbency: Hemp hurds have twice the absorbency of wood shavings ideal for animal bedding. Lightweight & Dust Free: Hemp hurd is a superior alternative to traditional wood particulate products. Superior Building Insulation: Hempcrete made from hemp hurds makes for an excellent building insulation material. Completely Biodegradable: Hemp hurds mulch is perfect for gardening since it enriches and protects the soil. Anti-Fungal & Rot Resistant: Hemp hurd maintains an optimal humidity level in stables and cages, also a natural insect repellent. Hemp hurds have many uses such as animal bedding for both horses and small mammals, as well...


Hemp for dogs, Vital canine -

Dogs they say are man's best friend! For most of us, our furry friends provide the right companionship, friendship, and in some cases protection that keeps us going. So, how else can we pay back such measure of loyalty if not by providing them with the best care possible? You can show your pets a great measure of love by introducing Vital Canine range of hemp oil supplements and hemp food for dogs into their daily routine. Vital Canine range of hemp oil products are a blend of Hemp seed oil and other organic oils/substances such as Turmeric and black...


Vital equine -

Q. Are hemp products cannabis, and will they make my horse high?A. No - hemp isn’t a drug that can make your horse high. It’s a 100% legal and contains no psychoactive properties. Q. What benefits could I expect to see when using hemp oil/feed on my horses?A. Hemp is a simple superfood with no fillers in it; it contains everything a horse needs. You should expect to see increased immunity, skin, fur and hoof health, plus improved recovery times for horses.Q. Are they suitable for laminitic horses?A. Due to the low sugar content, they are suitable for horses and...


Australian Essential Oils, Australian Lemon Myrtle Oil, Australian Tea Tree Oil -

Australian native botanicals contain powerful essential oils which have demonstrated many amazing properties.

Today we are looking at

  • Lemon myrtle 
  • eucalyptus &
  • Tea Tree oil

Research indicates that these oils exhibit antiviral, antifungal & antimicrobial powers.