Spectrum Herbal SOS Stress Relief Oil

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Spectrum Herbal SOS Stress Relief contains natural herbs traditionally used to relieve the symptoms of stress: mild anxiety, nervousness, headaches and insomnia. Formulated with ingredients based on traditional remedies from both Europe and North America.



2ml (40 drops) in cold liquid, such water or juice, three times daily.


Spectrum Herbal SOS Stress Relief ingredients

Oats, Rosehip and Yarrow, Ethanol, Purified Water.


Herbs Traditional use

Oats; used for anxiety, excitation and stress;
Rosehip increases immune function during exhaustion, increasing blood flow in the limbs
Yarrow lowers feelings of anxiety.



These claims are based on traditional use. The information provided is meant to be a guide and should never replace professional advise.  Always consult a health professional and do not self diagnose. If symptoms persist, please consult a healthcare practitioner.